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about us

Pooran Powder Sepahan Corporation Has Started Its Activiteis since 2005 In Order To Produce The Food Industry Powder.At The First Phase Of Exploitation,Production Of Raw Material Powders Wase Put Into Operation To Use In Another Food Industry Such As Malt Extract Powder ,Maltodextrin And In The  Subsequent Phase, In 2012, Instant Powder Production Lines Including Prepared  Drinks And Powders Like Ice Cream Powder,Was Exploited. The Hope Is, In The Years Ahead, By Improving The Quality Of Exiting Products And Services, More Effective And Better Decisions To Be Taken For Futher Progress Of  Customers Correct Purchases.

  • Address : No. 31, 2nd soroush industrial area , Isfahan

    tel : 031-38553055

    fax : 031-38553056